Ambaram PLM Software Features

Project Files & Folder

Upload important files and folder to organize your work and share with relevant team members.

Product Wall

Highly visual , enables designers Instantly collaborate with internal and external teams . Collaborate, share and promote your designs.

Product Chat

Chat tools for your next product query and work remotely while staying connected to colleagues.

Product Bookmarks

Allows customers to select multiple products and mark as bookmark to relook at them later , this is nothing but your CART.

Product Color Book

Efficient, useful and easy to import your seasonal color.

Task Kanban

Real-time communication of all ongoing project within teams.

Ambaram PLM software for Fashion And Apparel

Ambaram PLM Software is designed for the fashion and apparel industry to manage and keep track of all data and processes throughout a product design lifecycle. Ambaram gives 360-degree visibility across the product design lifecycle, allows you to collaborate with different designers across your team.

Why Ambaram

Why Ambaram The fashion industry is challenging since it necessitates a combination of introducing new designs. With a limited time to the market, this industry demands efficiency with regards to quality, go-to-market, and overall manufacturing process. Ambaram enables a fashion organization’s designer’s complete team to collaborate successfully across the entire process, from strategy to design to execution.

Benefits of Ambaram PLM


At every stage of the design lifecycle, Ambaram enables your teams can share, communicate in real-time, and have an interactive collaboration, bringing out more creativity.

Cost Efficiency

A boosts efficiency at project management , save costs and time with the quick and accurate designs through Ambaram


Ambaram is the perfect option for every size fashion business, from small to huge. An effective platform that will help your company scale and evolve over time across.


The Ambaram apparel software is secure on the internet. Run Ambaram with confidence, knowing that all of your data is secure, even when it is transmitted over the internet!

Global support

Manage your online or off-shore designs, overseas partners, vendors, and new clients with a single solution with Ambaram Software.



Design time, Unwanted designs and Carbon footprint


Faster idea generation Evolution of collection Use of historic data

Maximize Profits

Develop products rapidly Go to market quickly Increasing profits by 15%

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